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Enoh Benjamin Lienemann is a visual artist and film maker. She was born in London, UK, from German and Nigerian parents. Enoh Lienemann is based in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Her video work is shown worldwide. Her work covers different aspects of visual art, which extends from photography, collage on paper, conceptual art and video / video performance. In the center of her work she addresses the question: How does political and social oppression influence the human nature? And: Is it possible for the single person to escape from destructive circumstances.

She studied at the “Hochschule für Kunst und Gesellschaft” in Bonn/Alfter, Germany  and attended several workshops at the “Künstlersiedlung Michaelshag”/ Symposium Weißenseifen, an artist colony in which  Joseph Beuys was a regular guest in former times.

Since 2004 she continually does researches in the field of refugees, migration and immigration. She was the founder and leader of an African woman refugee group and was engaged in the artistic educational work of children with a migration background as well.

Her works have been presented at museums, as Guggenheim New York, Zentrum für Kunst und Medien Karlsruhe, filmfestivals and videoart screenings around the globe. And in group and solo exhibitions in Germany.


1995 – 2004  Werkprozess I „Dunkle Kammern“ Grafik, Malerei

„Dunkle Kammern“ „Dark Rooms“ Graphic, Paintings

„Hinter dem Sichtbaren“ „Behind the visible“  Paintings

Seit 2005     Werkprozess III    Installationen  Collage

Recherche, Migration, Grenzen

2003-2008   Dozentin für Kunst und soziokulturelle Projekte in

verschiedenen Schulen.

2008-2010   Mitarbeit bei Light of Africa NRW

Aufbau und Leitung einer Internationalen Frauengruppe.

seit 2010 ausschließlich Atelierarbeit

 2012   Installation,Collage,  inszenierte Fotografie

seid 2014   Video/Videoperformance, inszenierte Fotogarafie